About the Lead consultant

M. Cezzy KANIONGA is the founder of Zylloo Consult Sarlu. He is also the senior consultant and experts’ team leader of the Zylloo Consult experts’ network. Therefore the field of consultancy within the company falls directly under his responsibility. As Zylloo Consult collaborates with several experts in various disciplines including ICT, Finance, Marketing, Business Management (Accounting, Human Resources, Control and Audit), Law, Civil Engineering and Architecture, M. Kanionga handles the collaboration with other experts through the zylloo experts’ network.

M. Cezzy Kanionga is an economist by training, specialized in marketing-management. He is also  graduated in project analysis and planning.  He is a Master degree holder in Business and Services. He is also a holder of several professional certificates, particularly in the fields of Public and Private Partnership (PPP), Public Procurement, Project Financing and Negotiation. He attended the IS4D program (Infrastructure Skills for Development) initiated by the Australian Government and the NEPAD to build the capacity of African project managers in planning and management of infrastructure projects across the African continent. Cezzy Kanionga also holds PECB certifates based ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 21500 standards (quality management – provisional auditor and environmental management – foundation, Project management – Lead Project Manager). Therefore Mr. Kanionga is a PECB certified trainer in the field of Project Management.

From 2004, M. Kanionga worked as a Management Controller, Research Associate, Researcher, Head of Studies Department, Head of Tax Department and Head of Finance at the Office of Multimodal Freight Management “OGEFREM” based in DR. Congo.  In 2013, he started an international career at the Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority based in Mombasa, Republic of Kenya, where he has been handling the Private Sector Investment Promotion Program as Program Director.

M. Cezzy Kanionga was involved in several feasibility studies of investment projects for his former employer and its partners. He also participated in several studies at  regional level within the Northern Corridor organozation.  His long experience in business and internationally is thus available to all those who need objective analysis of their projects before embarking on an uncertain investment process.

Thus, this online platform, zylloo.com, has among other objectives, to provide the public particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with information on the existence of expertise in the field of project analysis , business management consultancy and so many other useful services for quality business management.

For any need related to M. Kanionga’s expertise, you can contact us through the contact form in the contact menu of this website. You can also contact directly the senior consultant either by sending an e-mail to one of these addresses: cezzykanionga@zylloo.com; cezzyllo@yahoo.fr; cezzylloka@gmail.com.

You can also reach him by phone at +243 99 223 51 17 and +254 717 580 688.