Introduction to Zylloo Consult

The name Zylloo Consult is a combination of a distortion of the name of the founder of the company and the English word « Consult » to mean: Consult the expert.

The Zylloo Consult‘s office has been in existence since 2016. Its experts have been in the field of consultancy for more than 10 years, offering various services (studies, advice, projects, training, business facilitation, etc.).

Zylloo Consult is therefore both a consultancy agency mainly specialized in project planning and analysis; a facilitating service for accessing business opportunities; a training and certification organizer, a providing service of information related to travel plans and events’ organisation in East and Central Africa, particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Zylloo Consult, through   its network of cash points and ditribution centers for TV subscription and local services called Zylloo Cash,  is also a service delivery operator in proximity to customers. The Zylloo Cash department also provides services related to cryptocurrency transactions, therefore making Zylloo Consult the first retail operator of cryptocurrency in the DRC.

Zylloo Consult‘s office is headquartered in the DRC and the company collaborates with several partners including telecommunication service providers and banks. Zylloo Consult also collaborates, under licence, with one of the world leaders in the field of training and certification, namaly the Canadian firm PECB. With partnership from PECB, Zylloo Consult offers ISO standards based services of training and certification.

Why choosing us


Our network of experts

With experts that are having a decade of experience in the various business areas of the company, Zylloo Consult is a consultancy services whose innovation and experience differentiates our service delivery approach to our customers.

A dedicated team and a clear mission

Our management system and our experts are totally dedicated to achieving the mission of the company. Our mission is to assist, through advice and studies, our customers and partners (individuals, companies and various organizations) particularly in the DRC, to make the right decision in managing and implementing their businesses and projects. With regard to our activities related to facilitating access to business opportunities as well as providing necessary information for traveling and organizing training and various events, our mission remains the same in advising and providing our precious assistance to our customers and partners.

Our business approach

Our business approach is based on our strategy of emphasizing the presentation of our services by offering the best of ourselves for maximum customer satisfaction. In delivering our services, we pay particular attention to both the content and the form of the output to deliver to our clients.

Taking into account the risk dimension in our studies and in the management of our projects is a characteristic aspect of our strategy based on customer value. All necessary care is taken to ensure a more than satisfactory delivery to our customers.


Our values

The following five values characterize our business approach ;
- Excellency
- Innovation
- Integrity
- Performance; and
- Customer orientation