Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017


ZYLLOO CONSULT SARLU wishes all its partners and customers a happy Christmas and a happy new year 2017. The Bureau has made many changes in 2017. The management has made these changes in order to serve our good customers. These include changing the address, changing the manager, adding new services to Zylloo Cash’s portfolio and redesigning our website.

Address change

The headquarters was transferred from the Beau Marché district of Barumbu commune to the city of RTNC in Lingwala commune, at the intersection of Nyangwe and Mushi avenues. The full address of the new headquarters is included in the contact links of this platform. the new location is much more accessible and the building housing the office, more comfortable for the provision of quality services to our customers.

Appointment of new director

The Bureau knows a new director, in the person of Mr. Josué Kabeya Kanda. The latter is a former staff of the former telecommunications company TIGO, now ORANGE.

New services at the ZYLLOO CASH Shop

The Bureau finalized its collaboration with TMB and PROCREDIT banks through ZYLLOO CASH to provide its clients with an independent agent service PEPELE MOBILE and CASH EXPRESS. Both services are now available in the Shop ZYLLOO CASH. The Shop has also resumed its TV subscription activities in partnership with CANAL PLUS and EASY TV.

Website redesign

ZYLLOO CONSULT has finally migrated its website to a modern content management system using advanced web technologies. The new website offers a professional and reliable companies’ directory service. Our clients are invited to reference their company details for free. You can also get the opportunity to advirtise in one of the most professional directory online.

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